PRESIDENT- Kudakwashe Denford Mutunhire

Love and care can unite us and make one generation with one voice. Being part of The NMCS National Executive will enable me to promote unity through Christ amongst our generation, to be an advocate for peace and justice to the society, promoting the Christian values and shape our generation to be the hub for significant leaders in the society.

VICE PRESIDENT- Tinotenda Ruzvidzo

As youths we need to be accountable foe the life we a living now and the lives of those to come after us... Lets enjoy NMCS moments like its our last and let the next generation think that this was the greatest times we missed

SECRETARY- Lindrose Nyathi

My will is to work together with my fellow Catholic students in building a relationship with God and to assist each other in being responsible members of the society for where there is a will, there is a way

TREASURER- Allen Pisirai

In life we treasure things that are not of great value to us... we need to live a life of prayer as young people so that we might know what is of great importance to us.


Complexity of the dynamics of the world we live in as young people calls for us to be steadfast in prayer and needs continuous dialogue so as to help each other encounter the obstacles. Together as one we will conquer


This is a misunderstood generation because of the stereotypes of the society. Society has failed to take into account of the changes in generational behavior. The world we live in has revolved faster than we think but that does not mean young are the lost generation. I still believe we the Esters and Davids of the future. Give us the time and opportunity to fully exercise our potential and you will never regret it