National Movement of Catholic Students (NMCS)is a student movement, within the Catholic Church in Zimbabwe, but also encompassing non Catholics in its activities. NMCS has a membership of 6000 members active at the thirty-five tertiary colleges in Zimbabwe. It is subdivided into five regions namely; Harare, Masvingo, Mutare, Bulawayo and Midlands. NMCS is an affiliate member of the International Movement of Students (IMCS) that has its headquarters is in Paris, France.  It is also a lay affiliate group registered with the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference (ZCBC). NMCS was started in 1990 by students from the School of Social Work in Harare.


Organizational Structure

A national executive committee comprising the president and vice, the organizing secretary, public relations officer, a treasurer, secretary is responsible for running the affairs of the movement.  The executive is elected annually.  In addition to the committee, there is asecretariat made up of three staff members, fully employed by the Movement to run programs on a professional level. The Chaplain, appointed by the episcopal conference, oversees the activities of the Movement.

NMCS has office at 50 Mt Pleasant Drive in Mt Pleasant where the secretariat operates from.


The vision

To be a progressive and vibrant movement of Catholic students relevant to the national needs for human development fostering unity in the society and deepening the Christian faith.



Uniting Students through Christ


The mission statement

Our mandate is to be custodians of the gospel and Christian Social Teachings in creating responsive leaders and promoting absolute participation of tertiary students in the socio-political environment through advocating for equality, justice and human dignity according to the Social Teachings of the Church.


Strategic objectives


  • Faith Formation and
  • Life Skills Education and promoting responsible sexual behaviourand behaviour change
  • To Create awareness and debate around contemporary issues, especially justice and peace, policy advocacy, poverty and unemployment level among the youth
  • Involving the youth in community development activities, through outreach programs, participation and capacity building.
  • To develop a competent leadership for the movement, for the church and for the nation, as future professionals.
  • To promote continual research and exploration of issues affecting students and the crafting of solutions through think tanks
  • To inculcate a culture of equal and meaningful participation of female and male students in social, political, human and economic growth


Traditionally NMCS has two annual activities that is the Easter Conference and the August Congress. The Easter conference is held during the Easter period in Zimbabwe while the August Congress is held around the Heroes holiday period. Other traditional activities are regional conferences that are held during each semester and or term depending with the region in question. Of late NMCS has been involved in the following activities in response to contemporary issues and needs;


  1. Public /National Dialogue
  2. National Retreats
  3. Spiritual Revivals
  4. Focus Group Discussions
  5. Engagement with public office bearers and national leaders
  6. Community Service
  7. Policy Advocacy
  8. Leadership Training and development
  9. Reviewing and Influencing Public Policy